Rules & Regulations

  • Regularity and punctuality by the attending of classes and house examination-an absolutely essential for all the students on roll.

  • Students in their free period are expected to make use of the reading room and library.

  • A students is liable to be expelled on any of the grounds i.e. misbehavior, breach of discipline and disobeying of school / hostel rules.

  • The school authorities observed strict rules of conduct for their students. The students are also required to attend the morning assembly and stay in the school campus for the full school time. Any breach of these restriction shall be treated as an act of misconduct.

  • Guardians and parents – please note that visitors are not allowed to see/meet with the students during the school timings.

  • The visiting hours for general public and parents to meet the principle are from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm.

  • Expensive gadgets, are not allowed. Use of mobile phones in the class room is strictly prohibited.

  • The Students who will indulge in strike or hooligan in school will be dealt with serve action of discipline which includes rustication from the school.

  • Ragging of the students is strictly banned in the school. If any students is found in such activity, strict appropriate action will be taken against him/her.

  • Smoking and drinking is strictly banned in school campus and hostel campus.

  • Writing and sticking bill on the walls and desks of the school is strictly prohibited.


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