Chairman's Word
             Adversity certainly elicit talents that often become dormant in prospectus times. Genius who is the mine and talent : the miner that works and brings it out. We are all the minefield of talents. It is only those who dig deeper and go far are rewarded & all other fell by roadside. The Mushroom growth of schools in private sector could make one sink in the quick sand. Choice before us is simple & crystal clear; that is to shape up / ship out your future. Either stand up and be counted or lie down and be counted out. We chose the first option and our mission for success has given us a new lifeline. Our struggle for improvement of education of modern relevance is an honest endeavour and a continuous process. Our struggle will not end here rather it is the beginning to be one of the best and strong group in the country in the coming years. Destination is not only clear but also visible.

           Dedicating this Institution to our great country, we bow our self before “HIM” – THE OMNIPRESENT, OMNISCIENT AND THE OMNI POWERFUL for having his blessings on all of us now and for all times to come. It is promised and not only dreamt that with an inbuilt momentum, we will go better. Our institute will continue to march towards a better tomorrow in the service of the nation. God Bless you all and be with you today and always.

Vijay Bahadur Singh

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